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Services & Facilities

Services & Facilities

It enjoys the unique position of the only Unani hospital in the state of Kerala with large number of OPD and IPD patients with 24 hours casualty service.


It has the facility of 6 wards, which includes

  • Moalajat Male Ward: (Male Medical Ward)

  • Moalajat Female Ward: (Female Medical Ward)

  • Jarahat Male Ward: (Male Surgical Ward)

  • Jarahat Female Ward: (FemaleSurgical Ward)

  • Niswan-wa-Qabalat Ward: (Gynaec and Obstetrics)

  • Amraze Atfal Ward: (Pediatric Ward)

The total patient capacity of the hospital is 60 beds, which we are going to increase up to 150 beds.

B) Special Ilaj-Bit-Tadbeer Centre

Growing demand and increasing popularity for pure Unani has lead to the establishment of this Centre. The Centre is specially designed by using modern technologies and ancient wisdom. It has the facility of 6 double-bedded rooms for admitting the patients. All the procedures of Ilaj-Bit-Tadbeer are performed religiously by specially trained male and female masseurs under the supervision of senior physicians at a very reasonable price. One has to book in advance for getting admission in this ward. THE OPD’s –The Markaz Unani Medical College & Hospital is conducting various OPD’s according to the specialties such as


  • Moalajat: (General Medicine)

  • Jarahat: (Surgery)

  • Niswan-wa-Qabalat: (Gynaec and Obstetrics)

  • Amraze Atfal: (Pediatric)

  • Ilaj-Bit-Tadbeer: (Regimental therapy)

  • Amraze Jild-wa-Tazeeniyat: (Skin and Cosmetology)

  • Amraze Ain, Uzn, Anaf, Halaq-wa-Asnan: (Eye, Nose, Throat and Dentistry)

  • Tahaffuzi-wa-Samaji Tib: (Preventive and Social Medicine)

D) Other facilities provided by this hospital are-:

  • 1. Pathological Investigations: Well established pathological lab, carrying out the sort of routine and specific investigation.

  • 2. Biochemical Investigations: Various investigations are carried out in the Laboratory Urea and Electrolytes, Bone and Lipid Profile, Hypertension, Menopause, Liver function Tests etc

  • 3. Casualty: We have well equipped 24 hrs functional causality as per to normal to the Health Departments.

  • 4. Physiotherapy: Well-equipped physiotherapy unit with experienced dedicated physiotherapists separately for male and female patients.

  • 5. Electrocardiography: A Unit for checking the Patients’ heart’s electrical activity, unexplained chest pain

  • 6. X-Ray Unit: As a part of the IBT section, well established and equipped X-Ray Unit with experienced technicians for serving the patients.

  • 7. Hijama Therapy Unit : A Well established separate Hijama Therapy Unit for male and female In this unit we perform Cupping, Leaching, Massage etc.

These all facilities are provided at a very minimal charge so that the poor patients cannot be deprived from the basic healthcare need.