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Research & Publications

Research & Publications

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Publications (Research Papers /Journal Articles)

1 Dr. SYED. MOHD. FAISAL IQBAL Paper published on “Taamule Advia aur Dawaon ki Nigahdasht”  in Turjuman-e-Tib Volum 3-5 Issue 1-2 Jan2016-jun 2018; 82-85. ISSN 2454-4507. Published by National Institute of Unani Medicine Begaluru.
2 Dr. SYED. MOHD. FAISAL IQBAL Paper published on  “Herb-Drug interaction and role of Pharmacovigilance” in International Journal of Advances in Pharmacy, Medicine and Bio-Allied Sciences 3,1,2015 ISSN :2348-2109   Available on line
3 Dr. SYED. MOHD. FAISAL IQBAL Performed presentation on “Impact of Medieval Islamic Erudite on Scientific development in Europe during Renaissance with special reference to Abu al-Qasim Al-Zahrawi” at 2nd International Academic Conference on Islam, Science & 4th Industrial Revolution (ICIMW) held at Institute of  Islam Hadhari,University Kebangsaan Malaysia on 20-21 August 2019.